The purpose of the role is to support Acme AI’s platform partners to pilot and distribute projects. As an offshore coordinator, the incumbent will work with our platform partner as a remote employee.

Acme AI is an on-demand image annotation service provider operating from Bangladesh. We support development of artificial intelligence systems in the space of retail automation, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, geospatial imagery among many more with a focus on computer vision-based labelling operations. We serve clients positioned globally from commercial outfits to academia bodies. As image annotation and labelling company serving clients from different time zones, we stay livenearly for a 24-hour period.

Platform Alliance is the business support cell of Acme AI, working with our platform partners to drive their business interests across the globe. As part of the cell, we expect you to engage in delivering pilot projects for requirement analysis, engage with platform stakeholders and customers, and drive business results. Likewise, as a start-up, we are continuously evolving our workflow to understand effective utilization of business processes where you will play a pivotal role.


As a Coordinator in the Platform Alliance unit, you are responsible for communicating and supporting projects and business development functions of our partners inclusive of taking care of pilot annotation projects and benchmarking, performing analytics of service providers, providing strategies for project delivery, and maintain consistent communication with clients and partner stakeholders. General responsibilities include:

Managing pilot projects

  • Understand and define parameters and guide for incoming pilot projects and do pilot projects independently
  • Draw benchmark on annotation needs of projects, recommend manpower requirements and devise delivery timelines

Service provider selection

  • Test pilot project with third party annotation service providers to understand their speed and quality parameters
  • Provide analytics figures from native platform analytics
  • Collect quotes or costs from service providers
  • Provide recommendation on prospective service providers by drawing comparison to the cost of their services, quality of outputs and agility, and award projects

Project coordination

  • Work with clients to procedurally check and assure quality and speed on projects
  • Provide risk management support for both client and service provider; making sure that deviation from the project timeline is not recurrent
  • Fine-tune project documentation and guides and presenting it to both clients and service providers for approval and alignment


  • Be the lead focal point for stakeholder communication entailing platform partner, clientand annotation service providers
  • Maintain regular communication with platform provider on updates of projects and/or any technical concerns
  • Regularly update and track project progress and communicate it with relevant stakeholders


  • Undergraduate from a business or technology background. We will also highly appreciate tertiary ‘certified’ courses undertaken from Coursera and edX.
  • Demonstrated experience in adopting annotation platforms; evidenced through taking tests during the recruitment cycle.
  • Deep passion for working in the global artificial intelligence space.
  • Professional command over English to communicate effectively with global stakeholders- mostly in the US, UK, and the EU.
  • 1-2 years of experience; we will give preference to people who have worked in the image labelling space before.


Due to working with partners in different time zones and culture, the incumbent is expected to work from Monday to Friday in a calendar week from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM.

It's paramount that you view the full job description in this link before applying to the position.

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