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For Data Annotations
Please be very specific on the kind of annotation you like and make sure to provide sample images and/or .json files for us to migrate images from in the 'Paste File URL' tab.

We will run a free pilot on your images to put a realistic estimate on time required per image and set quality parameters of data labels - enabling us to design cost-effective packages for your annotation needs.

For ML Engineering Requisition
Just tick that you are looking for ML Engineering Support and submit. We will mobilise a team to contact you for further details and processing NDAs. While not required, it would be great if you could vaguely provide the kind of ML engineering support you are looking from in 'Description' text box.

For Training/Deployment
If you are just looking for training and deployment support, please check the appropriate box and share details on compute power requirements of your model.

If you have a special need, please shoot an email at

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