The first and largest data annotation outfit in Bangladesh.

Incubated in ACME Technologies Ltd., Acme AI addresses and takes leverage of the highly skilled, the semi-skilled, and apprentice workforces in Bangladesh comprised entirely of educated youths.

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Fatemy Roomy

MD, Chairman
Image of Sadhli Roomy, Co-founder and COO of Acme AI Ltd.

Sadhli Roomy

COO, Co-Founder

Zubaer Hossain

Operations Manager

Rashed Milon

Floor Manager
Image of Romjan Islam, Sr. Production Executive, Acme AI Ltd.

Romjan Islam

Floor Manager

Tariqul Islam

Data Protection Officer

Annotation Workforce.

What started off as a ragtag band of four in 2019 is starting to look like an army.


Veteran Annotators


QA Experts


Contract Annotators

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Social Impact.

Addressing the Underprivileged

At Acme AI, we believe in empowering the disadvantaged youth of Bangladesh. We have created a large pool of resources from college dropouts due to poverty and provided jobs to many underprivileged women from different minority groups in the country. The affect of COVID 19 worked to destabilise the economy further. We regularly hold training workshops at our sites to hone the skills of the underprivileged - helping them to secure work as contractual labeller.

Disability Inclusion

Partnering with the Center for Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) Bangladesh, we are working to integrate individuals who has mild-to-moderate level of disability into our annotation workforce - enabling them an opportunity at regular livelihood which they are largely deprived of. Disability types we have addressed thus far are mobility, visual, and auditory impairments; hoping to design pedagogies for marked level of impairments in the future.

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