The first step in your annotation journey.

Certificate I: Image Labeling Associate is the entry-level annotation certification course for individuals looking to enter Acme AI's annotator pool. The certification involves rigorous training either online or offline, and sitting for an assessment for acquiring the certificate and become a Level 1 Certified Annotator. Acme AI provides consistent annotation work for certified annotators to engage in from their home or at an office premise to earn.


Remote work is a lucrative option for many of our annotators as they can consistently enjoy a comfortable work environment at their home and in the cloud.


Many of our annotators earn around USD $250 per project which is considerable. Nearly all of our projects come with bonus entitlements for annotators who can meet their daily quota.


This certificate is a mandatory prerequisite for pursuing the Certificate II training programme which unlocks higher-tier projects and better earning opportunities.



The course structured in a moduled curricula enabling learning to progressively unlock skills in data labeling and understanding of data annotation assignments and how to do it. The training is held for 07 calendar days, ending with an assessment. Descriptions of each module and subsequent learning outcomes are as followed:


Module I: Introduction to Data Labeling

Industry knowledge development, ecosystem of AI, platformfamiliarization and basics of image annotation.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees gain a basic understanding of the AI space and data labeling and understand the tools used for data labeling.

Module II: Understanding Semantics

Introduction to semantic segmentation in pixel editor and get anoverview of smart prediction and workflow optimization.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees adopt the ability to do edge-to-edge semantic segmentation-based annotations.

Module III: Class, Linkages, and Annotation Templates

Understanding model classes and cross-class linkages in addition to howto work template-based annotations.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees understand the complex interplay between annotation classes and types.

Module IV: Intensive Mock Test + Power Ranking

Rank trainees on the basis of their speed, quality, and contextual understanding of annotation projects on real-world simulations.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees are tested for validating previous learning outcomes and to identify bottlenecks.

Module V: Machinations of Production and QA

Rundown of the realities of production cycle which are essential for data labeling production supervisor and QA inclusive of time management, quality control, and best practices when it comes to solving problems.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees learn to tackle production and quality challenges in simulated projects.

Module VI: Tips and Hacks for Pixel Perfection

Trainees provided tips on how to increase speed and accuracy of labels to increase power rankings, and hacks for faster identification of objects and classes.

Learning Outcomes

Trainees develop confidence on how to improve their existing benchmarks.

After the delivery of the modules, trainees are given an assessment, passing which will make them Level 1 Certified Annotator. Trainees are provided guides prior to an assessment and there are two assessments in total held in each calendar month.

Test Duration

The duration of the test range from 120 minutes to 8 hours depending on the form of annotation set in the assessment.

Passing Criteria

Test-takers are required to score less than 90% errors in the respective dataset they label by preset quality parameters.

Practice Dataset

Test-takers are provided a practice dataset 2 days prior to the test where they can identify specific bottlenecks and improve their work.

There are two packages the course, one entailing the entire course programme - which comes packaged with an assessment and the other for taking part in just the assessment.

Full Training Package

The training programme for Certificate I: Image Labeling Associate comes with a 7-days training regimen and is packaged with 1x assessment.

BDT 2,999

Just Assessment

Made for those who would like to retake the test either for passing or missing their scheduled test date. Package includes 1x assessment.

BDT 699

Please note that an individual can take a maximum of 3 tests in 12 months. Provided they are unable to pass in their third attempt, their case will be put into review.

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Due to high volume of application, we allocate seats at a first-come-first-serve basis. Please fill out the application form and make payments at your earliest convenience to be in que for enrolment in the certificate programme or in assessment.