Industry insights into different AI/ML evolution strands.

Thinking about training dataset, data quality, algorithmic bias, ground truth, killer robots, frontier technologies to solve real-world problems, and mostly, an autonomous world is one of our favorite past-times.

Geospatial AI for Maritime Surveillance

Illegal, unregulated and unrestricted fishing, maritime piracy, and illegal trades are critical issues of coastal security where real-time and actionable information can track and thwart intrusions.

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AI to address road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents is a fatal scourge in the context of Bangladesh. The question is, whether AI can work to prevent road traffic crashes through predictive analysis.

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Who are data annotators?

The foundation block for providing training dataset, image annotators are the invisible heroes who support the development neural networks and AI solutions.

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Enabling a new 'gig' frontier

The future of work is constantly evolving to best accommodate the demands of the 4th industrial revolution, transforming traditional gig work models.

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