Work with the Production and Quality Assurance (QA) cell of Acme AI for managing and delivering high-quality image annotation assets for international clients.

Acme AI is an on-demand data annotation service provider operating from Bangladesh. We support development of artificial intelligence systems in the space of retail automation, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, geospatial imagery among many more with a focus on computer vision-based labelling operations. We serve clients positioned globally from commercial outfits to academia bodies. As an image annotation and labelling company serving clients from different time zones, we stay live nearly for a 24-hour period.

Production and QA serve as the epicenter of Acme AI’s operations and thus is a critical business function. As part of the cell, we expect you to support and manage annotation projects, deliver annotation works, report to supervisory stakeholders periodically, train contractual workers, and helping with administrative tasks as required. Likewise, as a start-up, we are continuously evolving our workflow to realise better utilisation of business processes.


You are primarily responsible for delivering image annotation projects and support operational functions as required. General, KPI-based responsibilities include:

  • Annotate images/text/audio/video for pilot projects via Acme AI’s preferred annotation tools
  • Supervise a vast collection of contract workforce to deliver ‘timely’ project outputs
  • Develop reporting spreadsheets for communicating with supervisory bodies
  • Quantify benchmarks or estimated per-hour production and analytics for strategic business decision
  • Ensure labelling works conform to preset quality standards and client expectations - reaching >95% accuracy and never falling behind on daily volumetric expectations
  • Monitor quality benchmarks for key contractual annotators and provide counselling sessions for discrepancies
  • Maintain thorough documentation of project instructions and customer correspondences for future reference or negotiations
  • Maintain clear, effective, and realistic communication with client and management
  • Train/mentor prospective contract annotation candidates


  • Bachelor or diploma education with 0-to-2 years of experience.
  • We also accept and highly value applications from Acme AI's certified annotators.
  • This is an entry-level role hence no experience is necessary for applying to this post. However, we will give preference to people who have worked in the image labelling space before or just plainly have good motor-skill with a computer mouse.


Be part of a great working environment with an opportunity to experience a truly global career. We champion a fast-paced culture and impactful work with our clients in future spaces such as autonomous vehicles, medical AI, retail automation, spatial technologies, machine-enabled agriculture among many others.


This is an entry-level, fulltime position that reports to specific team leaders, floor managers, and operation leads. Our general workweek is from Saturday to Thursday in a calendar week from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM or future shift-based engagements. Location of work is at Acme AI HQ, located at Level 5, House 385, Road 6, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka 1216.

SALARY: Between BDT 13,000 to 16,000. Festival bonus and other benefits is as per the national labor law and company policies.


  • We have an energic and friendly working environment
  • Evening snacks
  • Unlimited tea/coffee
  • Quarterly profit share
  • Festival bonus and other benefits is as per the national labor law and company policies

How to apply?

Please lodge your applications by filling out this Google form.

Deadline: Until positions are filled.