Offshore expert ML Engineering support.

Have an idea that you need developed? Commission our ML engineers to bring it to life.


Enabling full-spectrum ML engineering support.

We provide expert machine learning engineering support to innovators, removing bottlenecks that thwart game-changing ideas to come to life. While beginning our operations as a data annotation service provider, the largest one in Bangladesh, we have diversified into providing expert personnel in ML Engineering and MLOps to global technology enterprises – enabling them to focus on greater business and product development imperatives as they offshore essential functions to us.


Offshore ML Engineers

ML and MLOps Engineers experienced in CV, NLP, and ASR that reports under your structure and act as an extension of your team.

Model Training + Deployment

Low-cost training and deployment infrastructure that helps you to test your models before commercialisation.

Custom AI Solution Development

Commission our resources and wealth of knowledge in the ML pipeline to build a custom AI solution that brings great change. We work in both co-investment and contractor-based models.

Comprehensive NDA

Strong non-disclosure and non-compete agreements which helps to protect your intellectual properties and assets.



Lodge Interest

Lodge your interest to hire in this form. Please select 'ML Engineering Support' and other key details as relevant to your use-case.


NDA Processing

Our team process a comprehensive NDA your way. This helps to protect your assets and enables a more open discussion.


Demand Understanding

Our technical team will schedule a call with you to understand your case, skill requirements, and objectives.


Proposal + Profile Sharing

Based on your requirements, we will produce a proposal along with sharing appropriate ML Engineer(s) profiles.


Formalising Paperworks

Provided you are happy with the proposal, we will develop subsequent agreements inclusive of NCA, NPA, and MSA.



ML Engineers are given orientation with your team, setup reporting structures and monitoring systems, and begin working.

Infrastructure Support.

Training + hosting models can be costly.

Let's be honest, continuous training and the hosting cost associated with ML models can be very steep. Take leverage of our Linux servers powered with discreet nVidia GPUs to train and deploy models at a fraction of the cost.


Offshore expert ML Engineering support.

Have an idea that you need developed? Commission our ML engineers to bring it to life. Our prices start from USD $800 with increments based on requirements, manpower skills, specialty equipment requirements, and retainer agreements.